IO 01: Pilot Courses

About the Pilot Courses

Learning with a laptop in a Distance Learning course

The pilot courses are a set of tested and well-created Open Online Distance Learning courses based on open, online, flexible and technology enhanced education (OOFAT). These courses are an innovation in Open Online Distance Learning.

Elements of innovation

  • A student friendly approach to (Open Online Distance) Learning with a “reverse approach”
    from the student’s viewpoint (this is an innovative approach).
    This means an enhancement of learner-centered pedagogy and an active learning approach providing a combining “the best of current knowledge and research”. All this is summarized in the pedagogical framework.
  • A quality enhancement framework (to ensure the necessary quality) created as an all-encompassing system covering the course as a whole (pedagogy, content, learning, technical issues, evaluation, design and learning) as an innovation in Open Online Distance Learning.
  • A student motivating self-evaluation strategy as an innovation in Open Online Distance Learning, using competence-based graphical Mandalas (available from the ToolBox).
  • These courses serve as examples of best practice. The well-distributed scope of subjects (science, languages, and humanities) ensure versatile use of the teaching examples and enable an easy way to produce further courses. For the evaluation special guided interviews with trainers are performed (Summaries are done and published as a video).

Pilot courses have been developed in various subjects, like Physics, Biology, English, Arts Education, and business education.

General information
The PILOT COURSES are implemented in the Moodle Server of the project. Since it is not possible to upload courses into the database Erasmus+ project results the access to these courses is possible as a guest from the project’s Moodle Server. Due to the restrictions of Moodle some activities (like the test) are not displayed for the guest account. Therefore, we have prepared a common user and you must login as this user. To run the course tests or quizzes, please use this account:
      User                 test
      Password      Test-2020

With this user data you don’t have any restrictions to test the pilot courses.

Pilot courses are available for

Science Subjects

Language Teaching

Arts Education

Other Subjects

Hint: All pilot courses are available as OERs as well. You may download the courses, implement them into your Moodle server, adapt them or enhance them with additional content. All courses ale licensed under a Creative Commons License CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike).