Mandala Creation

Example of a self-evaluation mandala (source: course electrical resistors, physics)

An innovation (used for the first time in a concept for developing Open Online Distance Learning Courses) is the mandala self-evaluation. This mandala is a graphical pattern displaying the definition of the taught competence. The use of this method brings teacher to a clear definition of the taught competences and enables to define very easily the evaluation of the learning goals.

Students color the mandala before the course and a second time after the course (using their self-estimation of the level in knowledge, skills, and attitudes).

Mandala Creation

There exist two different methods to create the Self-Evaluation Mandala:

❶ Mandala Creation Kit (Offline)❷ Online Mandala Development

The offline development tool can be downloaded from the document repository. Please look here.

The kit consists of two files:

  • Mandala-Dev-Set.docx
    This is a WORD® document. You can use it to create a png image file of your mandala.
  • Mandala-Dev-Set_Instruction.pdf
    This document contains the detailed instruction to create the png image.

The online creation tool is foreseen to develop the Self-Evaluation Mandala online in your browser. After you have inserted the course data (Course creator, Course name, competence with a description of knowledge, skills, and attitude you can create (from the same form) the mandala used befor the course starts as well as the mandala for the evaluation used after the course. You get both mandalas saved on your computer in your specified download folder.

You will find the online tool here.

Hint: Please take into account that the bahavior on tablets is not tested for all available devices! The online creation tool will not work on most smart phones.

For the mandala the VTT object is used – you have to upload it here. The data of the objects is used for the creation of the mandala.