The Products

Products created during the project’s lifetime

Distance Learning (in a technology enhanced environment) is a chance for students to increase their success level in their learning.

Students miss in currently performed Online Distance Learning

  • An appropriate (and modern) pedagogical framework including a well-defined quality enhancement framework.
  • Modern motivating evaluation methods addressing the curiosity and motivation of the learners
  • Modern, multimedia based approach to teaching and training (as promoted by the European commission) enforce a modern technology enhanced teaching and learning (TEL)

The project aims will bring up three final products:

  1. Practical implementation of pilot courses in OODL using an innovative learner-centered pedagogical approach (including a quality enhancement framework) and an innovative motivating self-evaluation tool for students (Mandala self-evaluation) to increase students’ learning success.
    Mandala self-evaluation is an absolute innovative element in teaching (and described later), as well as the developed pedagogical and embedded quality enhancement framework.
  2. The project develops a web-based service for teachers to support them best with a sophisticated tool to use the pedagogical framework based on an innovative learner-centered approach including a quality enhancement framework (as described later).
    Implementation of student-centred and problem-based active and authentic learning using multidisciplinary and an interdisciplinary approach are a crucial issue in this development This is the main intellectual output and provided as an OER.

A transferability and evaluation guide will be created additionally (in English language) and will enable the transfer of the developed products to other educational sectors (Adult Education, Higher Education).

Here is a graphical overview of the developed products:

The project uses OER-Commons to provide the developed products, especially the developed poilot courses.