IO 02: Teachers’ Training Course (MOOC)

This training course for teachers (MOOC) …

  • Aims to “train teachers and trainers”
  • Addresses schools (teaching organisations) as target group
  • Provides innovation focusing on teaching methods, quality enhancement and increasing students learning success

The training course for teachers/trainers will be available as an OER but will be offered as well as an ERASMUS KA1 training (by the EBI/EIE)

Course structure

The basic structure of the course will be (possible headings of the items listed)

  1. A pedagogical framework for all-purpose Distance Learning in School Education
  2. Quality enhancement framework for Distance Learning in School Education
  3. The use of the pilot courses
  4. Moodle as a learning platform
  5. Transferability guide for other subjects

This course is structured to be used as an Massive Open Online Course (MOOC adequate) but as well in a teacher based IST training for teachers. Self-evaluation units enable the learner to check the understanding and learning success.
The course can be transferred easily to Adult Education trainers as well into the field of Vocational Education and Training trainers.

Course access

The course is available from Link to the MOOC

Course modules

The course concept enables it to make available some course modules as stand alone solutions and these modules can be accessed directly from the webpage of the project.

Hint: The various course modules will open in a new window (or in a new tab of your browser).

Topic Link
The pedagogical framework Link
Quality enhancement framework Link
Use of the pilot courses Link
Moodle as a learning platform Link
Transferability of pilot courses to other subjects Link