Self-Evaluation Mandala Creation Kit

Self evaluation mandala pattern (from the self-evaluation mandala development kit)

This is the word-based tool to create a self-evaluation mandala for your course.

There are two files:

  1. Mandala-Dev-Set.docx
    This is the word document to create the mandala and to insert the necessary text.
  2. Mandala-Dev-Set_Instruction.pdf
    This is a pdf-file providing the instructions “How to create a self-evaluation mandala”

You may download the files and use them independently from the web-based toolbox. Here is the link to the repository to download the files as an zip-archive (download from the documents).

If you create a png graphics file as a mandala you easily can paint it using some graphic editing tools. One of the best tools is the PaintNet editor curretly. You may download the program from the webpage of the developers
Download: PaintNet