Virtual Teachers’ Toolbox

The project aimed to create a special virtual toolbox for teachers as a sophisticated tool for developing Open Online Distance Learning (OODL) courses which means open, online, flexible and technology enhanced education (OOFAT). The mixture of of the partners ensured the necessary competences, values, skills and knowledge for developing an innovative approach to OODL. This project used a strategic cooperation between formal and non-formal/informal educational providers using ICT based teaching and the enhancement of digital integration in learning. It enhanced teachers’ professional development and supported students‘ acquisition of values, skills and competences.

The project started October 1, 2017 and was finished in September 2019. Approximately 1420 students, teachers, decision makers, researchers and other stakeholders have been impacted by the project.

The 5 consortium members were well distributed in Europe:

  • The Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje, a traditional grammar school, was the project’s coordinator.
  • University of Crete, GR (specialised in innovative education) will focus on supporting students‘ acquisition of skills and competences,
  • EBI/EIE (AT) is a teacher training institution with experienced in Distance Learning impacts in enhancing teachers’ professional development and in OODL
  • Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje (ES) are two high schools (offering a multicultural background) with different orientation in teaching and experienced in eLearning and modern teaching methods.
  • The Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE) impacted with a special focus on OODL and OOFAT and provides experience in quality enhancement systems.

The VVT-Box methodology focused on items which are either not yet common or still missing in Open Online Distance Education as a

  • Innovative approach to OODL
  • Appropriate quality enhancement framework
  • Innovative and completely new motivating self-evaluation method for students (Mandala method)
  • New developed innovative tool for course creators
  • Special training course for teachers to implement the new methods in course creation
  • Transferability and evaluation guide to enable the transfer to other educational fields

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    A more detailed description, including the project results, can be found here!