The Consortium

The consortium consists of

  • Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje (Spain) [more …]
  • Europäische Bildungsinitiative (Austria) [more …]
  • I.T.S Vittorio Veneto Salvemini (Italy) [more …]
  • University of Crete (Greece) [more …]
  • Swedish Association for Distance Eduaction (Sweden) [more …]

The project partners were chosen by

  1. Expertise,
  2. Skills and experience,
  3. Scientific reputation,
  4. Special interest in the project´s aim and
  5. Reliability of cooperation.

The Colegio Costa Adeje has been in contact with all the partners during the past years and has cooperated with some of them in different settings within the last ten years.
The criteria for the selection were

  • High competence in teaching (formal/non formal education) mainly in School Education (as well as at university level)
  • The partners should be able to organize the necessary pilot teaching environment and pilot courses
  • The partners should be able to contribute to the production of OERs
  • A good geographical distribution in Europe to guarantee a high level of transnational input and to transfere the project’s output
  • Good complementary skills to cover all the technical, organizational and logical needs in the project.
  • The partners have the necessary scientific legitimization or teaching experience to publish the results at a high level

Distribution of participating countries in Europe