IO 04: Transferability Guide

The Transferability & Evaluation Guide

This is a written document for teachers and organisations and describes the transfer and the evaluation of the developed courses to other subjects, educational sectors or other organisations as well as possible obstacles and problems in the transfer process.

The guide

  • Aims to transfer created project outcomes to other educational sectors
  • Addresses other stakeholders (teaching and training organisation, policy makers) as target group
  • Provides well-developed methodologies and tools for the transfer and the different
    evaluation of the developed products to other educational sectors

This guide enables the versatile use of the project results in other environments. This guide is
an added value of the project. The transferability guide offers methodologies and methods for an easy transfer to other educational sectors, namely Adult Education, to Vocational Education and Training (mainly c-VET), and to Higher Education.

It is a supporting document for the target group (of teachers and trainers) and stakeholders
(other teaching organisations and policy makers) on how to use and take maximum advantage of the educational path and the learning materials produced by the project. It is a standalone document to support the correct implementation and different evaluation of the training material and tools created.
This guide describes necessary methodologies, considerations for transferring project’s
results, possible problems and obstacles, and gives hints for best practice in using the developed framework and the teacher’s toolbox.

Download of the guide

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