I.T.S. Vittorio Veneto Salvemini

Main Entrance of the Istituto Technico Statale Vittorio Veneto Salvemini

The ”Vittorio Veneto“ Business Institute, which has recently changed its name in “Vittorio Veneto – Salvemini”, is the oldest school founded together with the town of Littoria (Latina) in 1932, it officially initiatives with the aim of strengthening a national and above all a European identity especially among the youngest generations.

In order to fulfill this aim, we have already done European Projects such as Leonardo and Comenius. These experiences have been very successful for all of us, especially for our students, our families and colleagues. For the first ones, because they have had the chance to broaden their minds by meeting new people, sharing different points of view and habits. The last ones have had the opportunity to compare themselves with different teachers using different methodologies and working in different contexts. We are particularly interested to do this project to consolidate our European Spirit by sharing different cultures. Our institute is a lively cultural entity.

The focus of our courses is providing students with those general and specific skills necessary to enter the world of work in the business and tourism sectors on national and international sides. Our teaching activities are based on new technology skills connected to the financial and administrational sector, learning foreign languages for the tourism sector to highly compete in the international work market. The region-specific experiences and conditions of the Italian school are:  I.T.E. “Vittorio Veneto Salvemini”, is a school located in Latina, a small town close to Rome, it is surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean beaches and mild hills.

Economically, in the past fifteen years the town of Latina, was characterized for pharmaceutical and chemical Industries. Today, these activities have consistently decreased, though there are some companies left. Agriculture is widespread and the tertiary service is starting to grow, this area offers a lot of opportunities especially in the tourism sector for all its beautiful places to stay, but, so far they have not been developed as they should or could be. Besides opened in 1936. It is one of the most important cultural centres in this small town and its surroundings.

Information technology, business studies, law, foreign languages are the main subjects taught in this school, together with evening classes arranged for working and migrant students. It used to be located in the centre of the town, close to university and to the agricultural and industrial areas which have been turning into important touristic areas over the last few years, characterized by a relevant migration trend. We can say this phenomenon started at the beginning of the 20th century because of our “Pontine Marshes” land.

Many Italian people came from the North of Italy to work and live here, most of them, in fact died of “Malaria“. Today we are still having this phenomenon with people coming from Europe especially from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Albania and from Africa, India and China. Once again, because of this deep migration impact, our school is the attraction pole for arranging any cultural activities or Latina is also characterized by the presence of people coming from eastern European counties, especially Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia and   from   some African countries such as Libya, Morocco, Congo, Senegal, most of them are war refugees. Some others come from China and they run a lot of shops and restaurants, which sell low-quality products at low cost.  Latina is a multicultural town. So, we hope that with this project our young could acquire the best skills to let this town increase and expand, to let this town get more sustainable and inclusive.