Selbstevaluierung der Kursvorbereitung

Self-Evaluation Course Preparation

Instruction: With this interactive checklist you may evaluate your course. This self-evaluation uses benchmarking. You will find a list of questions related to the course. You must estimate to what extent your course fits to the given statements. After you have selected your answers you will get a visualisation of your answers and additionally a feedback.

Name of the course*

Statement Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not applicable
The course includes a clear statement of learning outcomes based on defined competence(s)

There is reasoned coherence between learning outcomes, the strategy for use of distance learning, the scope of the learning materials and the assessment methods used.

There an explicit rationale for the use of each distance learning component, especially for the used multimedia and interactive material.

OER and other third-party material is selected with regard to learning outcome, tailored if necessary for fit to the learning context, and integrated with other learning materials.

Used materials have sufficient interactivity (student-to-content or student-to-student) to encourage active engagement and enable students to test their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Independent learning materials provide learners with regular feedback through self-assessment activities or tests.

Courses provide both formative and summative assessment. Assessment is explicit, fair, valid and reliable. Assessment rules are well-known to the learners.

The technical infrastructure maintaining the distance learning system is fit for purpose and supports both training and administrative functions.

The systems for communication and provision of information are secure, reliable and assure appropriate levels of privacy.

Appropriate provision is made for system maintenance, monitoring and review of performance.

Information about how to use the distance learning system(s) and services is provided to all users in a logical, consistent and reliable way.

* obligatory item
Disclaimer: This interactive self-evaluation uses the E-xcellence quality associates label, developed by the EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities). The use of E-xcellence quality associates label in this context has been done with the agreement and consent of the EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities).
In case of any adaption of the benchmarks suiting the context is in comments below the original benchmark The original framework is available from