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5.2. Course planning

May I take a pilot course and change the content?

Course planning

Course planning starts with the decision of the teacher to teach some part of the curriculum using distance learning and implementing it with the VTT-Box method.

The major issues in the planning are the significant course goals, the decision for the content, the development of the course structure and the creation of a conductive atmosphere.

A simple method is to copy the structure of a pilot course. The project team recommends developing courses on your own – this enables you to create your individual course tailored to the needs of your students.

Course development

Figure: The tasks to create a new course

For the course planning you may use the Toolbox item “Course structure”. It has been developed from the experience of the pilot courses and gives a versatile proposal.

The learner characteristics in easy to identify, especially as the teachers have a (more or less) homogeneous group of learners that are (in most cases) well-known to the teachers.

The selection of the instructional methods follows the principle of “changing methods” (a well-known and proven didactical approach) in School Education (in most European countries).

Course planning

Figure: Screen shot from the course planning tool (of the ToolBox)

As a result, you get a webpage you may print.

At the begin you will find an important table you should compile in any case. This is a description of the course using the terms of the VTT-Box system. The last part is the definition of the competence. You need this for the development of the self-evaluation mandala (that you will use twice: at the begin and at the end of the course).

Hint: For the self-evaluation mandala you may use the mandala creation tool (from the toolbox).