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5.7. Evaluation

Janus-faced term evaluation

For the course evaluation several issues have been considered in the VTT-Box concept.

Evaluation focuses on two issues:

  • Evaluation of course outcomes
    This must be done within the implementation of the course
  • Evaluation of the used VTT-Box method
    Here you must check
    • The use of the VTT-Box concept in the course planning
    • The quality (using the quality enhance framework)

Here are three simple checklist where you can find out if you have considered all necessary items.

Hint: Each ckeckbox should be checked - otherwise you should perform some amendments in your course evaluation.

 VTT Concept


The course provides a self-evaluation mandala for the learners at the beginning and the end of the course.

The course is implemented using the VTT-Box pedagogical framework

The course uses the quality framework (developed in the frame of the VTT-Box project)

 Course related issues


Students got relevant information on how to run the course.

All necessary information has been distributed before the course (for example timetable, assessments, support information and others).

The methods and processes for student’s support have been implemented (and published to the learners).

The feedback methods to learners have been tested and are available.

Technical evaluation


All text have been corrected before the course starts.

Minimum one tester has done the complete course (detected errors have been noted and corrected).

All multimedia-based content has been tested on all various devices the learners will use (Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, and others).

All downloads have been tested (on various devices)

The dates of all assignments (in the Moodle platform) have been checked (and adapted to the current course)

All students have a proper method to enroll into the course

All external materials (mainly OERs) are available currently (Tested for example by link checks).