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4.4. Self-Evaluation

Select the correct answers


Moodle Logo
License: CC0

Moodle is a open-source learning platform. It is a versatile tool for distance learning and can be used in all fields of education (School Education, Adult Education, VET and C-Vet and in Higher Education).

Which of the following answers is incorrect!


You must buy MOODLE

You can install MOODLE on your own web server.

You can use MOODLE only for a limited time.

MOODLE can be adapted to the purpose of the teaching organisation, for example with the logo of the organisation.



Which digital competences are necessary for a teacher to work with MOODLE and to implement courses for the students?


The must own the competence of communication.

The teacher must be able to create content, like texts or images.

The teacher must be an expert in programming PHP (due to the fact that MOODLE is programmed using this programming language).

Competence as a network technician with a specific fous on routing data packages in the  Internet.