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4.1.2. How to get a MOODLE platform

There exist several options to obtain a MOODLE platform:

Institution’s own Server

You have to download the MOODLE installation files, to install MOODLE, and to configure the system.


This is maybe the simplest way to get a Moodle platform. It is a cloud-hosted solution for your learning environment provided directly by the Moodle main team ( They offer various packages & plans (including a free one) to meet your specific needs and requirements (see link). You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
Moodle Cloud Logo
Hint: For a maximum number of 50 users the use is for free.
The main disadvantage of Moodlecloud is the fact that it uses the standard Moodle configuration and you cannot install additional, third-party plugins or themes to adapt and customise the platform.
Link: MoodleCloud

Moodle Partners

These is a network of certified MOODLE experts. They act as service providers that are certified by the Moodle HQ to provide Moodle services for your school, institution or organisation’s online learning environments. They can not only install the platform for you, but also provide other services like technical maintenance, periodic backups, upgrading, teacher training, etc.
Moodle Partners pay a portion of their income to Moodle HQ in the form of royalties to help keep the Moodle project moving forward helping ensure the ongoing development, support and maintenance releases of Moodle.

Third party hosting services

You can also buy your own internet domain and a hosting service, that is, either a dedicated server for your exclusive use or a server shared with other clients.

Offered by the school authority

In some European countries the school authorities offer a pre-defined and installed MOODLE platform for their schools.