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4.1.3. Decision pattern

It is difficult to find out which of the solutions mentioned above are best-fitting to your organization. Here is a decision patter that will enable to find out the best MOODLE platform for your institution:

>Decision Pattern

Figure: Decision pattern for the type of MOODLE service (Source: Peter Mazohl CC0)

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to come to a decision:

  • How large is the number and type of courses that will be held in the platform?
  • How many students (learners) will be involved?
  • What are the IT skills of the trainer(s) and/or the person who will act as the administrator of the learning platform?
  • What is the typical characteristics of the learning materials (Multimedia, simple text, …)?
  • How much disk space will be required (That is relevant for hosting)?
  • How large is the bandwidth requirements for data transfer?
  • How big is the budget allocated to the installation and maintenance of the platform?