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2.1.2. E-xcellence adapted for VTT

It is recommended that institutions/organisations evaluating the e-learning aspects of courses or programmes first carry out the Quickscan via the self-evaluation. Based on the results of the quick scan, you can limit the focus in the manual to certain chapters.

The course quality guide has its framework from theĀ  EADTU Excellence, especially the chapter and its Benchmarks on Course design (9 benchmarks) and Course delivery (6 benchmarks). The instrument offers the possibility of commenting on the individual topics by indicating: Insufficient, partly sufficient, largely sufficient or completely sufficient. Please note that e-learning and blended learning are used synonymously. The manual can serve as a guide and recommendation for evaluation as it is one of the most recognised frameworks in e-learning and blended learning. Use the benchmarks that apply in your context.

However, when designing the course (including curriculum and delivery), it is important to take a holistic and ecological approach that even includes management and support. In addition, quality indicators are to be considered from the perspective of learners (trainers), as shown in Image 3 above.

In the following the course design, including the course evaluation, and the execution of the course are described in more detail. The videos provided are from EADTU E-xcellence with Karen Kear Open University, UK. Please note that similar videos are available for the other domains at EADTU web page here.