Assessment and Evaluation Self-Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation – Self-Evaluation of a new course

The VTT-Box is based on certain principles. This means active learning, the use of the self-evaluation mandala, the use of a quality enhance framework. Many of thees items can be evaluated by benchmarking.
Each course you have newly created or implemented again should be assessed by the teacher(s)/trainer(s) and evaluated by the learners.

The aim of these activities is to collect the feedback to the course content, the implementation, the moderation and the student’s support. Other items can be added due to the need of feedback and will enhance the self-evaluation of the teacher(s). These items can be formulated like the existing questions in the questionnaire.

Here you will find the interactive checklist. You may check the relevant statements and put it into context of your implemented course in a Likert scale. Finally you will receive a feedback taking into accout your answers.

Self-Evaluation Course Evaluation

Name of the course*
Statement Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not applicable
Teacher’s Evaluation (of the course, by teachers/trainers)
The course could be completed by all learners.

Learning material content was well-fitting to the learning outcomes.

The (tutorial) support to learners was well done.

The technical support to learners was well done.

The delivery of materials worked best.

The feedback-time to the students was kept.

A lesson learned analyses was taken (applicable for more than one teachers implementing the course) or
Some self-evaluation has be done (by one single teacher).

Students’ evaluation
An appropriate feedback from the students has been collected (Possible: questionnaire, group discussion, guided interviews)