Feedback on the task „Measure within the virtual laboratory”

Preparation for the task

The document uses interactive input fields. Make sure that all measured values are filled in in your protocol document and check if the screenshot of your measurement test is inserted in the document.

Desired results

The document should contain:

  • your six measured values (3. Measured Values) of your first measurement (equal resistances è resistance, current),
  • your six measured values (3. Measured Values) of your second measurement (different resistances è resistance, current) and list the values of the resistances R1 and R2,
  • your calculated value of the total resistance (of both experiments) and
  • your answers to the questions (5. Questions to be answered).


The maximum upload size is bounded by the server. If a message regarding this problem is displayed, please convert the document into a zip file and try it again.

When you experience other problems, please don´t hesitate to contact your teacher.


The easiest way for handing in is to open the Windows Explorer, search for the file, and drag the file to the input field.

Of course, it is possible, to upload the file in the classical version (upload icon in the left corner of the upload field). Choosing this method, you will use the file´s dialog. 

Hand in

The submission date for handing in is [here you insert the deadline]. Please note that you can only upload until 12:00 am.