Multiplier Event Sweden

VTT – BOX Multiplier event SADE; Swedish Association for Distance Education, Stockholm, SE 12-13 September 2019



The VTT-BOX Multiplier event for SADE took place in combination with SADEs annual conference at Saturnus Conference, Stockholm, SE. In addition, it was combined with another EU project the TIBL project (Technical Innovation in Blended  Learning), where there are some synergy effects and spin-offs. The multiplier event gathered som 50 delegates from different kind of stakeholders and sectors, such as Universities, National Authorities as Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ), The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), The Swedish Agency for School Education (Skolverket). Other delegates were just to mention some Företagarna (organization for the co-operative sector)Digital Skills and Job Coalition, Sweden, the National Organization for e-competence (REK), Schools, and also the private sector and individuals who had an interest in the field.

Besides delegates from Sweden, we had delegates and presenters from the Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, Iceland was about to join but they had to cancel. In addition, we had delegates from the Netherlands. During the event the Nordic network for open online and flexible learning was launched NORDFLEX

ON, to be hosted by ICDE.

The theme for the Multiplier event was on



The President Ulf Sandström and V President Ebba Ossiannilsson for SADE in action.

See the full program here

All presentations will be available here

Bildresultat för european commission co funded

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