Tools for your teaching

This project developes a teachers’ toolbox to assist teachers (and trainers) to create high quality Distance Learning courses.

Easy to use tool for course creators: the toolbox

This is a sophisticated (well elaborated, useful, versatile for various subjects, and labour saving) teacher’s tool to create Online Distance Learning courses using the knowledge and experience developed in the project. It‘s web-based and a in-house development of the consortium providing an outreach of current discourse and future trends.
The toolbox provides an intelligent user interface with a database driven programming behind. This toolbox simplifies the course generation for the teachers and offer the access to higher teaching quality and better learning outcomes.

Features of the toolbox:

  •  Selection of possible interactive eTivities (following the concept of G. Salmon, Australia) with special focus on collaboration between students, a complete description of each eTivity with instructional design hints and possible assignment methods (if applicable for
    the eTivity)
  • Proposal of the course structure including pedagogical hints
  • Proposal for the used quality criteria and valuable quality cycles (selected from the developed quality framework)
  • Checklists for teachers covering
    • course preparation
    • course execution and
    • assessments and evaluation of taught competences
  • Material for the course evaluation
  • Tool for easy definition of competence based course outcomes
  • Tool for using self-evaluation mandalas including the templates to define the necessary competence description
  • Various checklists like
    • Checklist to evaluate the definition of competence based course outcomes
    • Checklist for the quality enhancement process in a course definition
    • Checklist for learner-centered activities in courses

All material can be downloaded and printed. The used language is English.

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