Presentation of the VTT-Box project at the CSEDU 2018 in Madeira)

CSEDU 2018 Madeira – the presenter Peter Mazohl

CSEDU 2018, the International Conference on Computer Supported Education, is the yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational environments, best practices and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, institutional policies on computer supported education including open and distance education, using computers.

The VTT-Project was presented there by Peter Mazohl (EBI/EIE) and Ebba Ossiannilsson (SADE).The presentation took place in a special Special Session on “Blended Learning and Quality Enhancement”. This session had a special focus on Blended Learningand the aspect of quality and the blended learning model as requiring changes in the roles of teachers and learners. This exactly covers some core aspects of the VTT-Project.

CSEDU 2018 in Madeira – Ebba Ossiannilsson

Even if the project is no promoting Blended Learning it uses distance learning which is one part of Blended Learning. Typical School settings are – more or less – alvays fitting to the efinition of Blended Learning.

At this conference, for the first time the innovative “Mandala Self-Evaluation Method” was presented and discussed by a scientific audience. Another aspect which was well appreciated was the use of the frameworks (the pedagogical framework developed by the University of Crete, the DigiComp framework as well as the E-xellence framework for Higher education). The reuse of these frameworks – developed for the specific European educational fields – makes sense and is an example of best practice of further development of outcomes of European projects.


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