Pilot Course “Electric Circuits”

The first pilot course has been created by Peter Mazohl (EBI/EIE) in German language, hs been tested, and translated into English language.

The course consists of an introduction, advices to the learners, the input to the self-evaluation mandala, some interactive videos, two interactive tasks in the virtual lab, and finally of a digital competence check.

At the end of the course, the learners had to complete the final self-evaluation mandala.

The course is completely created in a Moodle environment, using some specific modules, like H5P for interactivity and the multilingual module to provide the course in several languages.

The complete course will evaluated in a second run. Additionally, the Swedish Association for Distance Education SADE will run a quality check. Ebba Ossianniellson (from SADE) will be responsible for this.

After a third run in Spain (Colegio Costa Adeje) the course will be published as an Open Educational Ressource (OER).



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