Multimedia Learning

Multimedia rules our life and is omnipresent. Many younger people are disappointed by simply reading a book without pictures. Text gets less important, images, videos, sound experiences dominate our environment.

For younger people multimedia is part of their life. This recognition makes it necessary to use multimedia in teaching. To address young learners and to transfer knowledge or awake competences the use of multimedia is an appropriate way.

Richard E. Mayer describes in his book different approaches: the technology-centred and the learner-centred approach. It should be clear that the learner should be in the centre of each learning activity. The new technologies influence teachers or trainers to use them – simple because “we can do it”. Each activity in teaching should have a strict aim (defined by purpose, methods, expected outcomes). Technology should be a tool to reach the expected aim – but not an end in itself.

The VTT-Project uses a pedagogical concept, where the learning outcome comes first – precisely defined by the competences using the self-evaluation mandala – the tools are selected by the principle of “what fits best to reach the learning aim”.

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