Moodle Server of the Project

The Moodle server of the project was finally implemented with a modern theme and a pretty interface. The theme is fully responsive and can be displayed on all types of devices (multiple device supporting), this means desktop pc, laptops, notebooks, webbooks, tablets, and even smartphones[1].

Currently courses are created by the partners for the subjects English Language, Biology, Physics, and Arts Education. One of the courses has been still executed and evaluated (Physics: Electric Circuit) and is implemented in an amended version in English language currently.

During the implementation of the courses the courses are available only for registered students. When all (pilot) course are evaluated learners can attend the courses by self-subscription.

All courses will be available as Open Education Recourses and can be uploaded to any (compatible) Moodle Server.


[1] Due to the fact that in courses text input is often necessary and the screen of smartphones is tiny the use of smartphones is possible but does not make sense.

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