VTT-BOX: Pedagogical framework and quality considerations for the courses

A pedagogical framework and quality considerations have now been developed to be used for the courses within the VTT-BOX . The pedagogical considerations have its foundations of work by Grainne Conole, Isa Jahnke, Diana Laurillard and Gilly Salmon, The quality considerations are based on European Association of  Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) Excellence, associates Label, especially the area of Course design.

In the EADTU Excellence Quality label, there are in total 35 benchmarks covering six domains (strategic management, curricula design, course design, course delivery, student and staff support), For a comprehensive overview, please see the full EADTU Excellence manual. In this provided pedagogical and quality framework we recommend that especially the benchmarks and indicators on course design are followed (Domain 3), to reach international standard. In Excellence there are nine (9) benchmarks for course design) which are given in Figure 1. Each of them has a set of indicators. The indicators for course design are added in Table1 below (with given number references. However, the table features and indicators should be read and interpreted aligned with the benchmarks as below. For details on the indicators please consult the Excellence Manual on course design.


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