Pilot courses

Pilot courses will be developed during the project.

During the project, several pilot courses will be created, implemented, and evaluated.

These courses will be performed in Adeje (Spain) by the coordinator, in latina (by the I.T.S. Vittorio Veneto Salvamini) and in Wiener Neustadt in an associated school (EBI/EIE). The selected subjects currently are science (physics, biology), languages, and arts education. Special courses are performed by the University of Crete in the frame of teacher education.

These courses use a special pedagogical approach, developed by the University of Crete. The pedagogical approach is focusing on active learning and the socalled “reverse pedagogy” (also called flipped pedagogy). Courses are pure Distance Learning courses using a MOODLE 3.X learning platform (provided by the EBI/EIE)

The model of the Self Evaluation Mandala. The concept is completely new, was developed by Peter Mazohl and is used first in this project.

Additional, a special self evaluating method is used, the so-called Mandala Self Evaluation. This method uses a graphical pattern to visualize the taught competences, and is done twice (at the beginning of the learning and at the end). The comparison of the two Mandalas makes it easy and visualizes “on a glimpse) the learning success.
This method is also motivating, because the learners realize their learning success easily.










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