VTT-BOX: Pedagogical framework and quality considerations for the courses

A pedagogical framework and quality considerations have now been developed to be used for the courses within the VTT-BOX . The pedagogical considerations have its foundations of work by Grainne Conole, Isa Jahnke, Diana Laurillard and Gilly Salmon, The quality considerations are based on European Association of  Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) Excellence, associates Label, especially the

Find grammar fun online

Primero de Bachillerato students at Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje are having fun with their computers while improving their English. How? Is this possible? Of course! In this lesson we are studying “used to/would” and “be used to/get used to” and we have designed some fun activities online where our students can learn to talk about

Selfie-Discover the digital potential of your school

Is your school making the most of digital technologies for teaching and learning? SELFIE (Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational Technologies) is a free, easy-to-use, customizable tool to help schools assess where they stand with learning in the digital age. Selfie is developed by the European Commission to help Schools to

Moodle Basics for teacher training in Moodle

We are currently preparing a course that will support teachers in learning the Moodle platform. This course contains not only instructions on how to set up activities and all the other details in a Moodle course, but also ideas on how to implement the principles of the VttBox pedagogical framework in Moodle training. The course

Female, minority students took AP computer science in record numbers

Female, black and Latino students took Advanced Placement computer science courses in record numbers, and rural student participation surged this year, as the College Board attracted more students to an introductory course designed to expand who has access to sought-after tech skills. Source: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2018/08/27/female-minority-students-took-ap-computer-science-record-numbers/1079699002/

CSEDU 2019, the International Conference on Computer Supported Education

CSEDU 2019, the International Conference on Computer Supported Education, is a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational tools and environments, best practices and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, and institutional policies on computer supported education including open and distance education. CSEDU 2019 will provide an overview of current technologies as

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (published articles)

Forthcoming article Critical Reflections on introducing e-learning within a blended education context by Dimitris Laskaris, Emmanuel Heretakis, Michail Kalogiannakis, Maria Ampartzaki  ‘Interactive evaluation’ of an e-learning course within the context of blended education The focus of this paper is the evaluation of an online course designed and developed within the context of blended learning for